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I have used the medical services of Wichita Clinic located in Wichita Ks. since 1991.Until recently I was mostly satisfied with the clinic.

I assume as a cost cutting move customer service reps have been replaced by a phone station.

Wichita Clinics bills are very difficult to understand. In the past I was able to determine easily what my insurance company had paid and what I owed. This is no longer the case. Now bills are received with late insurance payment written in payment received column. Billings that I thought had been paid months ago now magically reappear with slightly different billing codes. Something does not feel right.

Recently a doctor recommended I have a test performed to check for a rare genetic defect. I understand this is my fault for not asking the price of the of procedure up front, but was shocked to find out that I owed over a thousand dollars after insurance payments.

I will no longer use Wichita clinic.

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Same thing happened to me.They called and said I needed tests. $5,700 later its a miracle your perfectly healthy.


Dr.Sitha Miller did the same thing to me.

She explained I need several preventive test's (even though I'm in my mid-twenties).

She required another appoint (another Copay).I thought Dr's were suppose to HELP, not hinder.


Same here with a diagnostic procedure, not knowing the procedure cost upfront will cause an arm or a leg price. Maybe they should at least let us know it gonna be pricey and have pre-insurance determination, whether we want to proceed.


Wichita Clinic strives to address all patient concerns in a timely manner. Please contact us at 316-689-9153 between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday so that we can discuss your concerns.

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